Peter Hosner

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Florida
Primary office:


Advisor: Robert Moyle
Research Interests: Biogeography, molecular systematics, ornithology
Hometown: Holly, MI


  • B.S. in natural resources from Cornell University, 2003


  • Hosner, P.A., Robbins, M.B., Valqui, T. and A.T. Peterson. 2013. A new species of Scytalopus tapaculo from central Peru. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 125: 233–422.
  • Hosner, P.A., Nyari, A. and R.G. Moyle. 2013. Water barriers and intra-island isolation contribute to diversification in the insular Aethopyga sunbirds. Journal of Biogeography 40: 1094–1106.
  • Hosner, P.A., and R.G. Moyle. 2012. A molecular phylogeny of the black tyrants (Tyrannidae: Knipolegus) reveals strong geographic patterns and homoplasy in plumage and display behavior. Auk 129(1): 156-167.
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  • Styring, A.R., Ragai, R., Unggang, J., Stuebing, R., Hosner, P.A., and F.H. Sheldon. 2011. Bird community assembly in Bornean industrial tree plantations: effects of forest age and structure. Forest Ecology and Management 261: 531–544.
  • Hosner, P.A., Sheldon, F.H., Lim, H.C., and R.G. Moyle.2010. Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Asian trogons (Aves: Trogoniformes) inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 57: 1219–1225.
  • Sheldon, F.H., Hosner, P.A., and Styring, A. 2010. Use of industrial and agricultural tree plantations by Bornean forest birds: a long term perspective. Biological Conservation 143: 399­–407.
  • Peterson, A.T., Andersen, M.J., Bodbyl-Roels, S., Hosner, P.A., Nyári, A., Oliveros, C., and M. Papes. 2009. A prototype forecasting system for bird-borne disease spread in North America based on migratory bird movements. Epidemics 1: 240-249.
  • Sheldon, F.H., H.C. Lim, J. Nais, M. Lakim, A. Tuuga, P. Malin, J. Majuakim, A. Lo, M. Schilthuizen, P.A. Hosner, R.G. Moyle. 2009. Observations on the ecology, distribution, and biogeography of forest birds in Sabah, Malaysia. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 57: 577–586.
  • Hosner, P.A., Behrens, K.D., and N.E.L. Huanca. 2009. The first records of Red-fronted Coot (Fulica rufifrons) in Bolivia, and other notes on Bolivian Bird Distribution. Boletin SAO 18.
  • Huanca, N.E., Hosner, P.A., and A.B. Hennessey. 2009. Nests, vocalizations, and conservation status of endangered Cochabamba Mountain-Finches (Compsospiza garleppi). Journal of Field Ornithology 80: 215-223.
  • Hosner, P.A., Behrens, K.D., and A.B. Hennesey. 2009. Birds (Aves) Serrania Sadiri, Paque Nacional Madidi, Depto. La Paz, Bolivia. Checklist 5: 222-237.
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  • Tobias, J.A., Lebbin, D.J., Andersen, M.J., Hosner, P.A., Seddon, N., Guilherme, E., and A. Aleixo. 2008. Vocal repertoire, behavior, and distribution of the Rufous Twistwing (Cnipodectes superrufus), including the first records for Bolivia and Brazil. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120: 38-49.
  • Moyle, R.G. and P.A. Hosner. 2008. Taxonomic status of the Kinabalu Swiftlet. Bull. British Ornithologists Club 198: 94-100.
  • Lebbin, D.J., Hosner, P.A., Andersen, M.J., Valdez, U., and Tori, W.P. 2007. First description of the nest and eggs of the White-lined Antbird (Percnostola lophotes) and breeding observations of poorly known birds inhabiting Guadua bamboo in Southeastern Peru. Boletin SAO 17:119-132.
  • Andersen, M.J., Lebbin, D.J.L., and P.A. Hosner. 2007. First photographic evidence of Verry (Catharus fuscescens) for Peru. Boletin SAO 17: 36-38.
  • Hosner, P.A. and D.W. Winkler. 2007. Dispersal distances of tree swallows from continent wide data and a local area study. Journal of Field Ornithology 78: 290-293.


  • Hosner, P.A. Paleoclimate breaks isolated Philippine bird lineages. Evolution 2013, Snowbird, UT, June 2013
  • Hosner, P.A. Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) model of diversification in co-distributed avian lineages. EEB seminar series, Lawrence, KS, August 2012
  • Hosner, P.A. Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) model of diversification in co-distributed avian lineages. NAOC, Vancouver, BC, August 2012
  • Hosner, P.A. Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) model of diversification in co-distributed avian lineages. AFO/COS/WOS, Kearney, NE, March 2011
  • Hosner, P.A. Pleistocene island groups do not sufficiently explain diversification in eight Philippine bird lineages. NHMGSO retreat, Lawrence, KS, October 2010
  • Hosner, P.A. Molecular Phylogeny and biogeography of the Knipolegus Black-tyrants . American Ornithologists’ Union meeting, San Diego, CA, 2010
  • Hosner, P.A. Biogeography of Asian trogons. NHMGSO retreat, Lawrence, KS October 2009
  • Hosner, P.A. Natural history and conservation of the endangered Cochabamba Mountain-Finch. NHMGSO retreat, Lawrence, KS, November 2007.


  • KU Graduate Studies Summer Research Fellowship. $5,000. 2012.
  • KU Graduate Student Research Fund/KUBI Panorama Fund: $3000. 2011.
  • Michael S. Gaines award for excellence in teaching principals of biology (KU). 2011.
  • American Museum of Natural History Chapman Fund: $2000. 2011.
  • American Ornithologists’ Union Alexander Wetmore Award. $2500. 2011.
  • NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) model of diversification in co-distributed avian lineages. $14,824. 2011-2013.
  • National Geographic Society Committee for Exploration and Research. An avifaunal inventory of Ayacucho, Peru: speciation across dry valley and an underappreciated center of endemism. $13,533. 2011.
  • American Philosophical Society: Lewis and Clark Fund for Research and Exploration. $3,500. 2010.
  • Tinker Foundation Travel grant. $850. 2008.
  • KUNHM Panorama Fund. $700. 2008.

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