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Andrés Lira

Researcher, Cátedras CONACyT, Instituto de Ecología A.C., Cátedras Conacyt - Red de Estudios Moleculares Avanzados
Primary office:


Advisor: Jorge Soberón, Town Peterson
Research Interests: abundance, central-peripheral hypothesis, ecological niche, genetic diversity, mistletoe, phylogeography, scaling
Hometown: Zamora, Michoacán, México


  • B.S., Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2001
  • M.S., Environmental Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2006


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  • Lira-Noriega, A., J. Soberón and A.T. Peterson. 2011. A comparison of mechanistic and correlative modeling approaches to understand species distributions at different spatial scales. 96th Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas. August 8.
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  • Soberón, J. and A. Lira-Noriega. 2008. The association of environmental variables with diversity measures at different spatial scales. 93rd Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 4.


  • 2013. KU EEB Summer Research: $2000 US
  • 2012. JRS Biodiversity Foundation. Grant $9900 US. “Gaps in institutional capacities in relation to biodiversity priorities in Africa”
  • 2010.  Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Grant. 4,000 euros. “A Comparison of Correlative and Mechanistic Ecological Niche Modeling Approaches for Understanding Biodiversity Pattern”
  • 2010. GIS Day at KU, 2nd Place Speaker.  $150 US.
  • 2010. Tinker Summer Field Research Grant. $1350 US dls (includes a matching fund from the Biodiversity Institute, The University of Kansas). “Mapping of the distribution of the hemiparasitic plants Phoradendron californicum and P. serotinum (Viscaceae) at different spatial scales.”
  • 2009. Marcia Brady Tucker Student Travel Award for presenting at the 127th Stated AOU Meeting (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 12-15 August)
  • 2009— NHM Panorama Fund—$1000.00
  • 2008– CONACYT Fellowship


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